Business Challenges and Opportunities – UoL 4.0 Project Poster Exhibition December 2022

On the 1st of December, the UoL 4.0 Challenge Project team including colleagues from Marketing, Tourism & Languages, Management and Accountancy, Finance & Economics, and Professional Services held their UoL 4.0 Poster Exhibition in the spacious atrium of the Sir Isaac Newton Building on the Brayford Pool Campus in Lincoln.

UoL 4.0 Challenge Project Team


In total, eighteen teams of students studying Operations Management from Lincoln International Business School took part in the UoL 4.0 Project, where they presented their solutions for the three UoL 4.0 challenge companies, academics and their peers.


This Year’s Challenge Companies

This year UoL 4.0 Challenge companies included FLINSO & Lincolnshire Music Service, Tension Twisted Realities, and Hockerton Housing Project Trading Ltd.

FLINSO & Lincolnshire Music Service

Mr David Chamber, Lincolnshire Music Service Partnership manager met students and discuss about the challenges students will face regarding improving engagement of FLINSO which is a charity organisation supporting some Lincoln-based music groups.


Tension Twisted Realities

Students had an interactive session with the company Managing Director, Mr Stewart Millar and Ms Linda Stupcika to discuss the challenges they needed to find solutions for. Tension Twisted Realities is the Lincoln’s No1 Escape Rooms and our students challenges are improving their brand awareness and growing sales using Inbound Marketing.

Hockerton Housing Project Trading Ltd

Mr Simon Tilley, Managing Director at Hockerton Housing Project Trading explained the company’s digital challenges in a session he had with students at the start of the project. Hockerton Housing Project is an exemplar sustainable co-housing development and the students need to work on improving the company’s brand awareness to its target audience regarding the brand’s sustainability objectives.


Attendees in the UoL 4.0 Poster Exhibition


Students had this opportunity to share their project progress, present their solutions, and get feedback from their challenge company representatives, academics, and the UoL 4.0 Project team.

Below are some of the students meeting their Challenge Companies representatives as well as academics.

Mr David Chamber, FLINSO & Lincolnshire Music Service
Mr Stewart Millar and Ms Linda Stupcika, Tension Twisted Realities
Simon Tilley, Hockerton Housing Project Trading Ltd
Feedback on students’ posters by Lincoln International Business School academics and UoL 4.0 Project team

At the end of the event, some groups of students were interviewed about their team challenges, the stages of the project, and explanation on their solutions.


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