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The North Sea Region Fund 


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Website: northsearegion.eu/about-the-programme

The North Sea Region (NSR) provides funding to projects which deliver pilots and trials, which help to enhance the lives of the North Sea Region’s 60+ million citizens.

(NSR) has 4 thematic
priorities, with COM3
project falling under the
‘Thinking Growth’ theme.

COM3 – Building COMpetencies for COMpetitive COMpanies

Website: northsearegion.eu/com-3/

COM3 partners adopt the mediatory role of local or regional authorities as innovation facilitators and enablers. They believe that strengthening and empowering these important local and regional actors is the best way to create a dynamic environment in which rural SMEs can improve their tech-readiness and fully benefit from the advantages of digital technologies. The ultimate goal of COM3 is to give rise to tech-enabled and tech-branded rural areas, in which rural enterprises are able to grow and scale-up based on their local capacities and through enhanced adoption of digital technologies.

To reach this goal, COM3 partners are…

  • jointly developing a unique COM3 support model in the form of guiding measures, training and coaching
  • testing the jointly developed solutions in nine regional COM3 pilots,
  • building a community around rural business digitalisation in the North Sea Region.


Business Lincolnshire

Website: www.businesslincolnshire.com

Business Lincolnshire is an organisation within Lincolnshire that was set up to help Greater Lincolnshire based businesses to start and expand. They also host a Growth Hub, a place where businesses in particular SMEs can seek advisors and mentors who can help them reach their full potential. In addition to this, Growth Hub provides grants and finance to the SMEs.

If you would like to become a project sponsor or a partner, please email uolchallenge@lincoln.ac.uk